Monday, 15 August 2011

The sun is shining...

The sun is shining... and very slowly, very gradually... I can feel myself returning to that room in my head, the room that has been abandoned for years... Layers of dust and the dirty windows need to be cleaned, but the room is still there... full of scraps of thoughts, bits of dreams, flickers of crystal visions, all waiting... Waiting to be picked up and moulded into something that can be touched and pondered upon again.

When I'm alone
I go walking round inside my brain
And sit amongst the memories
When I'm alone
I can pick up all the bits of broken love
And try to make the pieces fit
And all my sadness lives
Deep in the bottom of my heart
It sleeps most times
But sometimes
I can hear (feel) it beat it wings
When I`m alone

When I`m alone

Hello....Come into my world...

Copyright: Sam Brown